General Information


Trading and manufacturing experts are here ready to create the vision for you. You can easily find a lot of people who say “I will do their best for you.” The term ‘Best’ you’ve heard, however, never has satisfied you. We will hear from you carefully and will be back with what you need.

We do not say ‘Cannot’, but ‘Alternatives!’ Always.


We connect and trade all kinds of products once it has a clear vision. No matter what it is, and how it looks like. We help the products to create the values.

Show us what you have. We will build a vision for you.


Trading and manufacturing specialists started their own career by 2006 from various fields. We are gathered under the name of One International in 2015, inspired by Korean TV series 'Misaeng(An Incomplete Life)' from tvN, CJ E&M. One of our founder joined filming as a consulting producer. We are all young and are full of enthusiasm. You can expect what ‘Experienced Young’ can do.

Working with us is having another owner of your business.


Our staffs have gone through all around the world. It is easier to find the place where ‘We have not visited yet’. Those places we have not been are the place where we ‘Yet’ visited. We are around the corner waiting for your call.

Call us. We will be there for you. 247. Wherever you are.


Business always goes through thick and thin. Products fade away. What leads the world is neither product nor money. It is all about people. We hope to build the best organization without barriers, discriminations, and disconnection. An optimized company formed with self motivated experts is our goal to achieve.

We care people first. Then for shareholders and profits. We believe this is the only answer.


There is no right answer in this field. We will think, challenge and go further for you. When the road is cleared, you may follow us on that road. All barriers will disappear once you step on the road we provided.

There are roads diverged in a yellow wood. Yes! We could travel both. You take us, One, then we will take one less traveled. It will make all the difference.